Sydney Pener pictured with Creative Stylist Phil Keophaphone



Sydney Pener maintains an art studio and creates handcrafted metalwork and jewelry.  Her artwork focuses on the transformation of metals, the inspiration of nature forms and the integration of vintage found objects into her work. By upcycling ornate metal antiques, her goal is to reinvent the object– to breathe new life into old things, thus making them relevant and beautiful again. Her artwork honors the traditions of metalworking, craft and utilizes a diversity of techniques.  The end result is refined, one-of-a-kind jewelry and metalwork. 


Sydney received a Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing at Syracuse University and a BFA from the University of Kansas.  After completing her education, Sydney worked in New York City as a Technical Advisor for the Compleat Sculptor and at Margo Manhattan Gallery in SOHO as the Production Manager for the designer’s jewelry line. Ms. Pener is represented by the Phoenix Gallery on the Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO. Recently, she was an accessory designer for the Rachel Anne Gottlieb Collection for KC Fashion Week 2016 and selected to present her new metal body collection at the West 18th Fashion Show “Wild Summer 2016” with the collaborative design team “Séance”. 

 Pener loves teaching art! She has been teaching metalsmithing/jewelry making courses for over 15 years at Johnson County Community College and other respective colleges. In addition, she is the Director of Education of Operation: Art for the non- for-profit veterans’ organization called After Action Network located here Kansas City, MO.

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